Cops confiscated a £200k Lamborghini being driven by a Nigerian delivery driver 'and took it on an illegal "joyride" through London at twice the speed limit'

COPS confiscated a £200,000 supercar and took it on an illegal “joyride” through London at twice the speed limit, its owner claims. Met officers raced the white Lamborghini Huracan at 63mph in a 30 zone while owner Erwyn Mackee secretly tracked them on its in-car computer.

According to TheSun UK, Mr Mackee, 32, owner of luxury rental company CitySupercars, said cops could have taken it 200 metres to the nearest impound yard.
Instead they drove the posh motor “the long way round”, clocking up speeds that would mean an instant ban for ordinary motorists.

Mr Mackee said: “I guess the police had seen the film Bad Boys too many times and just wanted to drive a posh car.
“I have a tracker on all my cars so I can warn customers if they drive erratically, but I never thought I’d have to use it on the police.
“They didn’t take the short route, they drove the long way round, and went over the 30mph limit three times.
“The fastest was 63mph, that’s a ban for you or me, so it will be interesting to hear what happens to them.

“All of that data goes towards my car-score looked at by insurers and could end up costing me money.”

Officers had pulled the 2015-plate Lamborghini over near Heathrow airport at 1am last night, claiming there was a problem with its insurance.
Mr Mackee added: “They were obviously after a bit of fun and liked the look of the Lamborghini because they called for ‘back-up’ and there were about five police cars and ten officers.”
The Lamborghini – which is loaned out for £11,000 a month or £2,400 for a weekend – was due to spend the night at the airport before being driven on for a week’s long loan to a client in Bradford the next day.
It was being driven by a Nigerian delivery driver who called Mackee to tell him there was a problem.

The Lamborghini had been insured with a new company that very day and was completely road legal, Mr Mackee said.

The business owner, and trained lawyer, emailed officers paperwork proving the vehicle was insured, but says officers suggested he had FAKED them.
Erwyn said: “They claimed I had photoshopped the papers while I was on the phone to them, which would be quite an achievement.
“My driver said most of the officers were fine, asking questions about the car and enjoying looking at it but the one I talked to was completely bonkers.
“I tried very calmly to explain the situation but he hung up on me and seized the car.
“The next morning I had to pay £50 get the car released.

“I’m used to charging my customers to borrow these cars, but today I had to pay the Metropolitan Police for them to have a joyride in it.”

Mr Mackee slammed the Met Police on Twitter, posting a list of the alleged speeding offences.
The car clocked 53mph and 47mph less than a minute later at and topped 63mph at 1.05am.
He wrote: “Your officers unlawfully impounded our Lamborghini tonight and went for joy ride at over double speed limit.”
The post was retweeted hundreds of times and Mr Mackee got support from other car fans.
Youtube car reviewer, and owner of his own supercar loan company, Lord Aleem tweeted: “Caught in the act. They do it all the time.
“It’s the only way they’ll get to drive one.”
Another user wrote: “Please take this as far as you can on behalf of everyone who has been robbed of £100 for doing 34 in a 30.”

The alleged offences saw cops driving above the 30mph limit on three occasions on Northern Perimeter Road, Hounslow.

Mr Mackee said he will lodge a formal complaint but is yet to hear back from the Met.
He added: “I’ve never had an issue like this before and our business is always inside the law and likes to do things correctly.
“I can see the funny side of it. It’s everyone’s dream to drive cars like this so no wonder they were curious.
“But it wouldn’t have been funny if my customer couldn’t get their car because of it.”
CitySupercars, based in London’s Canary Wharf, offers dream cars such as Maseratis, Bentleys and Aston Martins, to hire for special occasions.
Clients hire them for weddings, business arrangements or just to test drive.
The Lamborghini Huracan has been with the company just a few months but has proved extremely popular.
Drivers have to put down a £5,000 deposit to get behind the wheel.
The Met Police told the Sun Online: "At around 1am on 2 June, officers on routine patrol in Bath Road near to Heathrow Airport pulled over the driver of a Lamborghini on suspicion of driving without insurance.
"The car was taken to a pound near to Heathrow police station.
"It was driven there by an officer via the Northern Perimeter Road, which we are satisfied is a direct route.
"Locally this matter will be looked into to establish the exact circumstances of what took place.
"It was established that the vehicle did have adequate insurance, which had been arranged on 1 June, but the details had not been added to Motor Insurance Bureau records.

"The vehicle was returned to its owner at 8:30am on 2 June."


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