Photos: Donkervoort's New D8 GTO-RS

The ultimate reincarnation of the Lotus Seven has been teased, as Dutch car manufacturer Donkervoort shared a glimpse of the upcoming D8 GTO-RS model.
Donkervoort first announced its intentions to bring back the RS-branded machine in February, as a successor to the model that went around the Nurburgring in a blistering 7:14.89 in 2005, with Michael Düchting at the wheel – braking the lap record.

Described as “the return of the legend”, the GTO-RS was redesigned from scratch over the past two years, getting leaner, meaner, more extreme and slightly larger in size – according to the car maker. But don’t expect a visual-revolution over the previous model, as the new automobile comes with a slightly improved nose and front-end (keeping an eye on aerodynamics).

Naturally, the Audi-sourced 2.5-litre R5 TFSI powering the beast was optimized, with the assistance of Bosch, for improved acceleration and driving comfort. The deal between the two companies also led to the development of a launch control feature and a double-clutch function for the D8 GTO-RS.

The interior underwent its share of upgrades as well, combining high-quality materials with functional performance – translating into a race-bred cockpit with some creature comforts.

Limited to 40 cars worldwide, this special edition will be introduced this summer, with a starting price of €151,173 ($173,758), albeit 21 units have been already sold among the Donkervoort Ambassadors in the pre-sale period. 


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