NanoFlowcell Quant FE makes on a second debut at Geneva

The automaker returns to Geneva with the 1,090 PS Quant FE after the one showcased by the small Lichtenstein-based manufacturer last year at Geneva, but it’s actually the second evolutionary stage of the electric vehicle concept. 

The QUANT FE is a thoroughbred sports car with a coupé-ish 2+2 design, whose nanoFlowcell powertrain aligns perfectly with its sporty DNA. The 801 kW (1090 HPmetric) in its veins accelerates this electric street racer from 0 to 100 km/h (approx. 62.5 mph) in a fleeting 2.8 seconds. What’s more, the energy needed for this kind of oomph is produced by the onboard power plant in a sustainable and toxicologically completely harmless process. The E in the name QUANT FE stands for Evolution, indicating the advanced state of development of the vehicle to near-series maturity. In particular, the interior of the QUANT FE has been completely redesigned with a keen eye on the homologation requirements. 

See more photos after the cut:


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