2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS on spy camera

Captured by Autoblog. This may look like a weird, cobbled-together Porsche, but insiders tell us we're actually looking at the forthcoming GT2. Maybe even a GT2 RS. Those schooled in the intricacies of Zuffenhausen nomenclature will be suitably excited by now. But for the rest of us, the GT2 (with or without the RS) represents the pinnacle of the most hardcore 911s. It's essentially an 911 Turbo without the all-wheel drive but some other goodies thrown in – or to put it another way, it is to the Turbo what the GT3 is to the 911 Carrera.

Porsche first did a 911 GT2 back in 1993 based on the 993-generation model. It then did another based on the 996, and then on the 997. But the last one we saw was the GT2 RS that came out in 2010, packing 612 horsepower channeled exclusively to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual transmission. The German automaker didn't do a GT2 version of the 991, but now that the entire model line is undergoing a transformation – and an near-complete switch to turbo power – it apparently has another one in store for us.

Aside from ditching the Turbo's all-wheel drive, the new GT2 will be lighter and pack more power – as much as 700 hp, from what we hear. As you can see from the spy shots, the test mule spotted romping in the snow is also wearing larger exhaust tips and the signature GT2 RS black hood. Expect the finished product to wear its own shoes and a more extreme aero kit as well. The question on everyone's minds will be whether it will, like the latest GT3 and GT3 RS, be offered only with a dual-clutch transmission, a conventional manual, or the buyer's choice of either. We'll find out sooner or later as the most extreme of Elfens is tipped to surface late next year.

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