The real Wolf of Wall Street's Ferrari Testarossa is for sale

In 2013, acclaimed filmmaker Martin Scorsese profiled the rise and fall of financial crook Jordan Belfort in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street, with Leonardo Di Caprio in the lead role.Now you can own an automotive piece of that fascinating real-life tale by buying Belfort's1991 Ferrari Testarossa.

According to the seller, Belfort bought the Ferrari in New York in 1991. He must not have driven it very much, though. There have been other owners since him, but the Testarossa still has only covered 8,300 miles. To prove Belfort's ownership, the sale comes with his name and address in the warranty book and on supply invoices. There's even a set of matching luggage, and the seller allegedly found a $50 bill in one of the bags' lining.

Even if Belfort didn't drive the Testarossa too much, he might have had some fun with it. According to the listing, "it was involved in a 'Wolf' moment as early as the original test drive."

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Source: Classic Drive


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