Photos: Tesla Model S $500 Electric Toy Car for the Kids

Radio Flyer has come a long way since those cute red pull wagons and has now teamed up with Tesla to target more affluent kids with a $499 all-electric, miniaturized Model S.

This is no ordinary battery-powered kiddy car as it comes with special removable and upgradable lithium ion batteries said to charge three times faster than a regular lead acid battery, while also offering longer run times. 

And just like the regular Tesla Model S for the big boys, the toy car is available with different versions of the battery pack, including the standard 140Wh battery that offers approximately 6 miles (10km) of riding lasting between 1 and 2 hours, and the premium 190 Wh unit for 50 percent more play time per charge at 9 miles (15km) and between 1.5-3 hours respectively, for an additional $50.

There are more options and accessories to choose from, as parents can select from three “authentic Tesla Model S premium paint finishes”, including Red Multi Coat, Deep Blue Metallic and Midnight Silver Metallic, black or silver wheels, a car cover ($50), spare batteries and personalized license plate ($15) and parking sign ($25).

You won’t get the Ludicrous Speed or autonomous options, but you will be able to limit the top speed to 3mph (5km/h) or 6mph (10km/h), while the car also has a reverse setting. 


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