Photos: As we anticipate Land Rover Defender

Even though it's been confirmed that the next-generation Land Rover Defender won't look like the DC100 Concept, the crew at Carwow have created a number of renderings.

Carwow imagined the car in a number of guises, including a transporter for Queen Elizabeth II, a Riot Control car, a military vehicle, a hardcore off-road variant and a modified version from Twisted Automotive.

While the more flowing lines of the DC100 Concept won't see their way to production, it's been confirmed that just like the old model, the new car will be available in a different bodystyles and configurations and at least two different wheelbase lengths.

The new Defender is tipped to receive independent suspension, an advanced all-wheel drive system and will be lighter than the recently phased-out model, thanks to an aluminum monocoque chassis and potentially, aluminum body panels.

The new car won't launch until 2019 but designer director Gerry McGovern has revealed the car's design has been completed. However, we'll have to wait at least three years to see it in production guise.

Source: Carwow/Carscoops


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