Man City ace Raheem Sterling is looking to have a car for each day of the week

According to The Sun UK, The England and Man City ace, 21, whose six-strong fleet includes two Range Rovers, is said to be eyeing a £105,000 BMW i8 like Wayne Rooney’s.
A club source joked: “He already keeps us guessing every day when he drives in.”
One of the £180,000-a-week winger’s cars — a £60,000 Audi S6 — was white until he had it sprayed black.
A Merc also owned by Sterling, who has a £3.5million Cheshire mansion, was last year found crashed in London. It had canisters of laughing gas in the back after he lent it to a friend.

Sterling is reported be cruising his cars in the following order:
Monday: star with a black Range Rover
Tuesday: Vorsprung ... arriving in an Audi S6
Wednesday: England icon ... white Range Rover
Thursday: Sterling service ... star's Audi Q7
Friday: Sporty ... at wheel of Mercedes C63

Saturday: Modest ... he also has a £12k Smart car

See more photos after the cut:

Source: The Sun UK


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