The intelligent Benz hits Detroit show

2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class arrives in Detroit with 241-hp turbo four. The new E-Class, Masterpiece of Intelligence: Distinct, emotive design, exclusive interior and an impressive number of innovations. Mercedes-Benz is taking a big step into the future with the new E-Class.

Read the analysis by Justin Hyde after the photos:

"In a world of smart gadgets and mobile devices, Mercedes-Benz would like to position the 2017 E-Class sedan as the most intelligent mobile device on the planet. And judging by how it drives, parks and communicates for itself, the German automaker has a strong case.
Unveiled today at the Detroit auto show, the new E-Class does not break ground in design, and more than ever, what’s under the hood is almost irrelevant. (For the record, in the United States it’s a turbo 2-liter with 241 hp and 273 lb-ft of torque paired with a 9-speed automatic.) At some point after it launches later this year here, Mercedes will offer faster versions and AMG-level performance, but most E-Class sedan buyers simply want to get to point B from point A without fuss.
Instead, Mercedes says the E-Class will essentially be as close to a self-driving car as available anywhere in the world today. Many cars now have automatic cruise control that maintains a set distance with the vehicle in front. The E-Class can now do so up to 130 mph; it will also steer for itself up to 81 mph, even when road lines fade and when a driver signals to pass, can make the maneuver for them.
To match the driving powers, Mercedes has bolstered the automatic stopping powers of the E-Class. At speeds up to 43 mph, it will slam the brakes to avoid a collision. It can now sense not just vehicles and obstacles but pedestrians as well. If the driver is trying to avoid an obstacle, the car will add steering angle to help the evasive maneuver.
But wait, there’s more. You can park the car by remote control via a smartphone app, for those tight spaces. It will communicate with other vehicles about road obstacles, also via app. You can choose from 64 colors of interior lighting. And should an accident be unavoidable, the car will emit an 85-db, high-pitched sound designed to prepare your eardrums for the shock of a crash. (To quote Dave Barry, we are not making this up.)
All of this tech comes wrapped in a slightly more luxurious cabin, with more screens and a few more chrome/wood touches than before. But it’s clear Mercedes believes the battle for luxury car supremacy has move from the domain of mechanical engineering and designers to software."


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