See Faraday Future's FFZERO1, 1,000-hp Concept Super Car

In a tightly packed tent on a rainy Las Vegas night, Faraday Future made its first unveiling to the world. The new electric vehicle startup is still a “couple years” away from launching its first production vehicle, but it’s not afraid of setting up some lofty expectations. 

While the vehicle, dubbed FFZero1, is unlikely to go into production, it still boasts some impressive features that may appear in future production models. Here's a look at some of the coolest features Faraday included in its concept vehicle, some of which we may see in the company's eventual production cars. 

(1) The FFZero1 boasts more than 1,000 horsepower and can go up to 200 miles per hour.

(2) Faraday also described its concept car as completely autonomous, a feature that we will likely see at least in part in future vehicles.

(3) The car is designed to give it speed and keep its batteries cool.

(4) The car has a sleek, mostly white interior with a carbon fiber finish.

(5) The FFZERO1 is highly connected. The concept car features a highly personalized experience where the car will learn the driver's preferences and adjust accordingly. It also provides access to live images and real-time data visualizations.

(6) Faraday's engineers designed a new engineering platform called the Variable Platform Architecture (VPA) that is specifically designed for electric vehicles. The platform allows for the engineers to easily adjust the length of the chassis, which in turn allows the company to quickly make different size bases. It can be used to make pretty much any type of vehicle.
(7) The company's new battery architecture is a big part of the company's new VPA platform. Faraday engineers also developed a new battery structure that is arranged in rows or as Faraday calls it, "strings." Adding or removing strings allows the company to change the battery capacity.


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