Power Bentley Monster by Mulliner created for CES

Bentley's coach-building division Mulliner has joined forces with Monster to create a unique Bentley Continental, on display at CES in Las Vegas. Car manufacturers often team up with audio specialists to get the best sound systems for their cars - Lexus with Mark Levinson, Audi with Bang & Olufsen, Porsche with Burmester - for the fashion-led, there's even a Beats Audio version of the Fiat 500L but this Bentley's sound system takes some beating.
 The Monster by Mulliner is based on a Bentley Continental GT V8 S but to help it stand out it's been given a bold makeover by the coachbuilders. It features Monster's distinctive colour scheme of red and black throughout, with the car's black bodywork trimmed by red splitters and a red grille surround. There's a custom bodykit, polished black alloy wheels and black bonnet vents.

 Inside, Mulliner has fitted its own custom seats and trimmed the whole cabin in quilted red leather, embroidered with 'Monster by Mulliner' on the headrests. A fascia panel has been laser-etched exclusively for the car, and kick plates on the door sills feature the Monster motto - 'Always lead, never follow.' And if that wasn't enough, there's a special compartment that houses Monster's latest product - the 24K Gold DJ wireless headphones. Don't fear though - these are gold painted, not gold plated, and won't double the asking price for the car.

The biggest upgrade, however, is to the Bentley GT's sound system. With 3,400 watts of music power, the stereo will no doubt compete with the sound of the 520bhp twin-turbocharged V8 under the bonnet. The speakers are tuned to 'Pure Monster Sound' - the company's signature audio profile, and Monster claims the stereo is suitable for all genres of music, particularly hip hop, rap, EDM and rock.


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