Chai! Take a look at Jaguar XJ

XJ is an exhilarating combination of power, beauty and refinement. XJ is perfect whether you’re in the mood to drive or to stretch out, relax and be driven. Find some of the amazing features after the photos.

XJ is equipped with an array of driver assistance systems that deliver far more than the sum of their parts, working in concert to make driving easier and safer. Whatever the task, conditions, or environment, you can be confident that XJ will go the extra mile to assist and protect you and your passengers.

XJ’s new more powerful and efficient full LED headlamps produce an exceptionally smooth beam pattern and light that is closer to true daylight, allowing objects to be recognised more quickly. They are also available with Adaptive Front Lighting which works in conjunction with the steering to increase illumination on bends. Optional Intelligent High Beam automatically dips the headlamps as an oncoming vehicle approaches.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems help to maintain awareness of your surroundings on the move and reduce stress when parking. 360o Park Distance Control is designed to alert you to the proximity of objects around XJ when entering or exiting a parking bay. For even greater reassurance, the Surround Camera System displays images on the central Touch-screen from up to five cameras positioned around the car.

InControl Protect includes SOS Emergency Call, which automatically brings the relevant services to your exact location in the event of a critical situation. It also provides Optimised Jaguar Assistance to transmit your location and vehicle diagnostic data to help minimise delays to your journey. The Remote Essentials App enables you to monitor your XJ through your smartphone, for example to check the fuel level or to confirm whether or not it is locked.

For effortless long distance driving, Adaptive Cruise Control will maintain a pre-set gap between you and the vehicle in front. Queue Assist allows XJ to come to a complete stop automatically when it reaches a line of traffic.

XJ is designed to provide maximum protection in the event of a collision. There are two front airbags, two airbags in the outer seat edges and side curtain airbags above the front and rear side windows. Detecting the size and weight of the driver and passenger, “soft landing” technology in XJ's seatbelts adapts the amount of restraint applied, mitigating contact with the airbags. In addition, anti-whiplash technology is designed to instantaneously move the head restraints forward in the event of an accident.


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